About us

Steply.io provide intuitive, step-by-step integrated
workflow solutions. Our intelligent digital systems gather
information fast, allowing leaders to make data-driven
decisions at the speed their jobs require. Contact us to
see how our tools can simplify your organisation.

Why choose Steply?

Existing digital workflow solutions are complex, expensive and hard to use. Outdated paper forms and clunky spreadsheets create confusion, loss of important data and problems with storage and retrieval, which get all the more complicated when working across departments.
We saw that organisations felt overwhelmed by the sheer size and scope of a complete digital transformation or trapped by their existing software providers, who want to sell more licenses instead of creating a one-stop solution.
That is why Steply has been revolutionising digital workflows to allow everyday people to combine systems in a fast, simple and affordable way.

Seven agile principles to digital workflow transformation


Using the seven core principles of agile development, Steply is a faster, more intuitive approach to digital transformation.


Seamlessly exchange and share ideas, designs and workflows between colleagues.

Continual Improvement

Plug and play system with improvement updates built in. Less admin, faster results.

Seven agile principles to digital workflow transformation

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    Information Services Department

    “Our staff now have one place to easily access and track IT services, such as requests for hardware and issue reporting. They can also access services from other departments, which allows them to quickly and efficiently complete tasks across the organisation. By seamlessly integrating with our existing departmental applications, Qrias has improved functionality without the pain of replacing an entire system”

    Duy Thai, IT Coordinator

    Human Resources

    “People work from email, not in trays. We can now get approval decisions in seconds. We are meeting our deadlines with 74% less admin effort and a process that’s twice as fast”

    Tracey McLean, Human Resources Advisor