It’s time to…

Integrated, customisable and easy to use digital workflow solutions.

It’s time to say goodbye to paper forms

Integrated, customisable and easy to use digital workflow solutions.

Capture better data

Unlimited Forms, Ready When You Are

Steply forms are designed for people of all skill sets to use faster, easier and more efficiently than traditional methods.
They also look great.

Fully Customisable

Adjustable questions, check boxes, digital signatures, uploads and conditional logic mean your form will be ideal for your needs, every time.

Integration & On-site Deployment

Cloud deployment not right for you? Steply offers on-site installation on internal infrastructure. Full integration is also possible with departmental and external solutions.

Easy Data Analysis and Reporting

Results are available wherever you are. See what people are saying in real time, as downloadable PDFs, word documents and excel data. We can even securely e-mail you form responses.

Capture better data

Completely customisable

Build a personalised workflow fast with fully adjustable features to suit any enterprise or project.

Cross-departmental integration

Intelligent, coordinated, cross-departmental software means an end to complicated workarounds and better internal communication.

Collaborative portal

One smart system allows seamless team collaboration, from anywhere and on any device.


Intuitive design allows for constant improvement of forms and workflow. Changes can be made within seconds for complete flexibility and efficiency.

Workflow the way you want it

Keeping your data secure

Adjustable authority levels allow only the right people to make decisions. All data is stored within Australia.

Centralised files

Updates are kept in one place meaning no doubled up files, out of date data or confusing previous versions of documents.

You are in control

Update software, departmental systems and internal workflow simply and efficiently with smart access built in across Steply tools for faster deployment.

No coding needed

Simple, intuitive and powerful design that’s suitable for all skill sets.

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